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Last updated: August 31, 2017

Useful File Utilities

Information about Change Attributes

Download it (488 KB) (version 1.5)

    This plug-in helps to change attributes of different files and directories. It allows to change attributes of a group of files at once (the amount is not limited). It can also modify any date noted in characteristics of the file(s) of creation, last modified and last acsess dates.

Before opening this plug-in select needed file(s) or directory(ies) in the main program (by pressing "SPACE"). Then open Change Attributes in Plug-Ins menu.


Marking "Recurse subdirectories" means that all subdirectories and files of the chosen directories will have the attributes, set in options.

Then go options concerning attributes of files or directories: "Archive", "Read only", "Hidden", "System". As it is noted in the program, if the markers are grey, the option remains unchanged, if it is black (checked) the attribute is set; if no marker unset attribute.

All types of dates can be changed by marking "change date/time" Then any date (the date of creation, last modified date, acsess date) can be chosen and modified.

The option "modified=created" means that the last modified date will be set the same as the date of creation.

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