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Last updated: August 31, 2017

Useful File Utilities

Information about Change Picture

Download it (554 KB) (version 1.1b)

This plug-in allows to change pictures inside Microsoft Word files. It very useful if you need to change logo image in plenty number of MS Word documents.

Plug-in is very easy to use. Just several settings inside it.

Main window of plug-in have such fields:

Search for: First image inside document
Allows to change the first found image inside document.

Search for: Predefined phrase
Any phrase typed here can be change into image file. That can be useful in changing text logo into graphical logo.

Select new picture file: (Leave it blank if you want to remove found image)
In that field new image can be assigned. But found image or text logo can be deleted if "Select new picture" field will be empty.

After loading "Change picture" plug-in, it have some default settings.

These settings allow you to remove first found image inside documents. Below is screenshot of the "Change picture".

Click to enlarge

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