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Last updated: August 31, 2017

Useful File Utilities

   1. How to recursively process directories and sub-directories.

Directories allows us to differentiate files. That's why situation when plenty number of files placed in different directories is so usually for the file system. So it will be nice if all files placed in the the several directories can be selected by one time if there is a need to make some changes with them. Then UFU is a good choice as it allows to do that with using the feature named as Basket drive. That drive allowing to select files which were allocated at several directories. Lets start and you will see how to select them for processing.

1) At the left upper corner of the window you can see the button BROWSER. First, you should press this button and select the directories which you wish to process recursively. Directories can be selected in couple with single files or without them. They can be selected by using right button of your hand-point device or by pressing INSERT or SPACE buttons. The selected items will be marked in red color.

2) At the left lower corner of the window there is button SEND TO BASKET. Press it. After this In the basket will appear links to all files contained in the directories which need to be processed recursively. At the foot of the window you can see the quantity of these files. And the directories which were selected will become black again.

3) Open the BASKET drive by pressing rounded in red button showing in the picture below. You will see the list of all files which are situated in the directories, you have selected. And at the foot of the window you can see the number of these files.

4) By default all files are selected and there is a possibility to unselect some of them if there is need in that. The selected items will remain in red color. And at the foot of the window there will be the number of the selected files and their total size. Finally as all files ready for processing it's time to open one of the tools, specify parameters and start an operation.

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