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Last updated: August 31, 2017

Useful File Utilities

   17. How to make statistic reports with using Batch Replacer.

Current tutorial shows how to use Batch Replacer for the statistic purpose.

Batch Replacer have an ability named as control cards. Control cards are special characters which can be typed inside search string for ruling the search process. Search string with the control cards can be called as pattern. Patterns extends possibilities of the text processing provided by Batch Replacer. So let's see how to use patterns for the text containing olimpic games report shown below.

1) Report in it's original are just names and numbers. It will be nice to get additional information based on these names and numbers. As an example we can identify names of the leading countries with using Batch Replacer. Firstly, we need to select file with the report and specify pattern for identifying leading countries. Leading countries are countries which have quantity of medals with the two or more numbers. The pattern for identifying is *2*#[0-9]#. Using it application can find text strings with the two or more numbers. "#D# leading country" typed in the "and Replace with" field will insert status of the country after founds.

2) As a result we can see report with the leading countries.

3) It's so nice to see report with the leading countries but it will be good to identify most leading country. That's why we will use pattern *3*#[0-9]# for specifying countries with the quantity of medals more than two numbers in length.

4) As a result you can see a well formed report with the leading countries and one most leading country.

That's all.

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