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Last updated: August 31, 2017

Useful File Utilities

   5. How to search files/documents.

Current tutorial shows how to search files/documents.

Sometimes we need to search files by specific criteria for performing any operations with them. (E.g. for move all found files to one directory. e.t.c.) So we launch Useful File Utilities and perform the following steps for searching the files:

1) Firstly, directories or (and)files within which we want to make a search need to be selected. That's can be done by using right button of the hand-point device or pressing direction buttons and SPACE. The selected files will be printed in red color.

2) On the current step we need to choose "Finder" mode by pressing to the "Finder" button on the top of the program or by pressing to the Alt+F7 on the keyboard.

3) Then we need to specify options for searching files. "Finder" utility allows us to search for the files by specifying many parameters. Some examples shows below. Additional information can be read from the help included with UFU.

a) Parameters for search files not older than a month:

b) Parameters for search files which size more than 300 Mb.

c) Parameters for search files which which have some text within it's content.

4) "Start Find" button will be in green after steps above and that's a signal that a search can be performed. So we just press to the "Start Find" button.

5) On the end of the operation all found files will be shown on the "Search Results" window. Then we can move all found files to the Basket or follow one of the found files by click to the left hand-point device button when cursor is on it.

6) If we have moved all found files to the Basket we will see them after close "Search Results" window. So we will be able to make any operations with found files.

That's all.

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