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Case Converter!: Web Site Migration


This plug-in allows to convert any words and even a file names within content of the files to lower or UPPER case.

If you need to convert all file names to lower or UPPER case and you don't know each name. You need enter only an extension.

It very useful if you need to move all of your hosted domains from a Windows NT platform to Linux.

This is actual because Linux is case-sensitive, both for file names and file content.

Now Plug-in not have a help file. But you can read it from this page.

Main window of plug-in have such fields:

Find this string:
Here you can enter any word or extension of files which you want convert to UPPER or lower case

Is extension:
This checkbox must be enabled if you entered file extension in the filed "Find this string".

To lower case:
Convert your string or file name to lower case.

To UPPER case:
Convert your string or file name to UPPER case.

Convert only file names:
If enabled then change only file names and not change directories names.

After loading "Case Converter" plug-in, it have some default settings.

These settings allow you to convert all file names which have extensions "html, gif, jpg, js" to lower case. Also you able to make conversions with any words. Just do not enable "Is extension" checkbox.