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Cut Long File Names!: Rename inaccessible files!


Because Windows had a limit of 255 characters, and if you didn't know it already, that includes the full path so it's much easier to exceed the 255 than most would think.

The utility allows renaming the file so when it exceeds 255 characters included in the full path then shorten that file name so it does not exceed 255 in total.

Information about Replacer

This powerful utility lets you insert, replace and remove entire fragments of text consisting of more than one line in multiple files. Utility search for the text specified in the "Find text below" field and then replace (or insert after, insert before, remove that depend from the selected option) to the new text from the "Replace/Insert text below" field.

For example, it is very easy to insert JavaScript right after <BODY> tag and then easy update it, insert new or remove from all pages of your site!

On the screenshot you can see how to insert JavaScript right after <BODY>.

Features of ReplacerFind and Replace single text block.Insert text block before any text.Insert text block after any text.Insert text block between two text blocks.Delete text block.Insert text block to the head of file.Insert text block to the foot of file.

Information about Change Attributes

This plug-in helps to change the attributes of different files and directories.

It allows changing attributes of a group of files at once (the amount is not limited). It can also modify any date noted in characteristics of the file(s) – of creation, last modified and last access dates.

Before opening this plug-in select needed file(s) or directory(ies) in the main program (by pressing "SPACE"). Then open Change Attributes in Plug-Ins menu.


Marking "Recurse subdirectories" means that all subdirectories and files of the chosen directories will have the attributes, set in options.

Then go options concerning attributes of files or directories: "Archive""Read only""Hidden""System". As it is noted in the program, if the markers are grey, the option remains unchanged, if it is black (checked) – the attribute is set; if no marker – unset attribute.

All types of dates can be changed by marking "change date/time" Then any date (the date of creation, last modified date, acsess date) can be chosen and modified.

The option "modified=created" means that the last modified date will be set the same as the date of creation.