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We strive to do everything we can to ensure our customers’ satisfaction across the globe. Here are a few of the many testimonials and feedbacks we have received from our clients!

Thank you for your interest in ReplSoft UFU. Feel free to add your own comments and suggestions.

I just used Batch Replacer in your Useful File Utilities to replace 7 different strings, all including carriage returns and linefeeds, across 230 xml files. It was all finished in about half an hour, from a standing start with no prior knowledge of your product, and saved me HOURS of work doing it the next best way.
Your Batch Replacer is as AWESOME product. Well done and thank you.

— Matt Groves

Simply unbelievable functionality. My most recent scenario — SVN/TortoiseSVN has a “feature” that will allow you to update and diff checked out code but not commit it _IF_ you make the mistake of accidentally mis-typed the case of the repository URL when you initially check out your code/project. The DotNetNuke project I had was huge. I needed to change the URL within the files, but only the .svn/entries were affected (one for every folder in the project). UFU allowed me to
     1) find these files in all folders,
     2) add them to the “basket” (genius concept, btw!) then
     3) perform the text replacement within each file w/ the option to back up first. All with just a handful of clicks. This saved literally HOURS of work.

— Tim Hoefer

I am very impressed!. ReplSoft guys gives fast and affordable support via e-mail. Good work!!!

— Adam McDonaldGreat, stable product! The first time out I used UFU to find and remove strings in 2000 + files. UFU did the job right the first time and quickly (less than 2 minutes). The filtering ability makes this product worth it’s weight in gold.
— David Clipper

Thanks. I figured it out. Great Tool!!
— William Green

Very nice piece of code. It’s EXTREMELY useful, especially with its batch capabilities, and with this hexadecimal ability thrown in to top it off.
— George Hart

I had over 1000 jpg files all in upper case that had to be converted to lower case…. In addition, the files all had to adhere to a naming convention. Useful File Utilities and Case Converter saved me tons of time and labor. Thanks.
— Janis Wooden

ReplSoft’s Useful File Utilities with the newest version of the Batch Replacer for MS Word plug-in is the best utility I have used or heard of for converting Greek or other non-roman text within Word documents from one font to another (including Unicode fonts). I heartily recommend it. The program works beautifully, and the programmer responds quickly and helpfully to requests for assistance.
— James Ernest, Editor, Baker Academic

“Really well done, clear, simple to use, reliability so I decided to buy after two tests and I used it 20 times in 2 days… The web site is as clear and easy-to-find-information as the product. So beautiful job.”
— Tony Anderson

“I’m using 2.0. (Nicely done! It’s “smoothing out” into elegance.) Thanks. UFU is one of those programs that genuinely makes use of computers easier… not to mention safer!”
— Mike Smith

“But all in all a fantastic program. Thanks for making my life easier.”
— Martin Windle

“I am running a still small – but constantly growing – translation agency. I am evaluating your software for further use in this field – especially using it to pre-translate documents via a glossary list. As far as I can see UFU does quite well in this field – in fact, well enough to compete with software packages many times more expensive and cumbersome to use.”
— WORDS apart

“It worked just fine. It saved a lot of time and eliminated human error. Its a great little tool you have there!”
— Nicholas Wibberley

It is working really well now, and doing exactly what I need – EXCELLENT!!!”
— Olivia Harrison, GIS Technologist, MHPGeoSpace (Pty) Ltd.

“I am very pleased with your software which is very useful.”
— Jorge Machado, Presidente de Directorio, PER SYSTEMS S.A.

“It truly is a great product that really makes my work much easier. I use it for multiple documents using an XLS “answer key” for each person.”
— Joe Seperac

“Made a huge mistake naming around 2500 files with an auto-generation tool.
Useful File Utilities helped me fix the files with a find and replace!
Fantastic little program.”

— Robbie Lockie

“We are in the process of making a significant change in our main business system. It involves doing a search and replace of over 3,500 separate values across about 30 text files. The largest file is over 400 MB. With the number of changes in all over 1 million!
UFU has risen to the challenge and it able to do with ease (although about 17 hours processing). It has saved us an immense amount of work, time and money.”

— Hugo Grimes, IT Manager, KRONE (UK) Technique Limited

“UFU is excellent, it is doing everything that I need it to!”
— Rob Dalzell“Unique features and Replsoft respond to requests for special or unusual ad-ons. I am very grateful. Nice to deal with real people who care!”
— Les Sullivan

“Nice useful program, as an Administrator it is a great tool to find duplicate documents on the network!”
— Ben Lombard

“Thank you VERY much! Your wonderful product saved me HUGE amounts of time on aproject I was working on. I have already purchased the product and plan to use it in many ways!”
— Dan Hanttula

“I just bought the software this morning. It is the only file utility I could find that would help me manage my digital photos so easily.”
— Brooks Gould

“Really useful and well written software. I’ve registered after only 2 days use!” 
— Adrian Bennett

“It’s a good job, and a good soft …it’s a great help for me !!!!”
— Pascal DEREUX

“Great features, fits requirements, very useful tool, best in its category.”
— John Williams

“ReplSoft UFU is good program. It works. I need it for web site work.”
— Luke Thomson

The “Basket” option is great for changing ONLY the files I want to update. “Excellent idea to have built-in to UFU”
— Bruce McLendon

“Replacement feature worked wonderfully! This program works great, it’s the best multi-file string replacement utility I’ve found!”
— MisterDev

“Good tool. Go for it.”
— scifoo

“This is the only software I purchased after 5 minutes of evaluation. I looked for such utility long time.”
— David Pemberton

Great! It quickly and easily replaced 5 different strings of text in about 20 different files. This is a useful program. It can replace multiple strings in multiple files very quickly in one step. You just select the files and make a list of “find and replace” strings, then click Start. It even gives you a status window while it’s running. The file browser could use a little work, but I have had no problems with it and it has really helped speed up my work. I recommend this highly. Great job, “ReplSoft”!!
— Drew Hearle

“Just what I needed. I used this to hunt through vb forms and it worked perfectly.”
— Anon

“I find it very useful and well worth the cost.”
— Larry Savage

“UFU runs perfect on Windows 2000”
— Todd Mann

“I downloaded UFU the other night and am very impressed. Your GUI is very clean and intuitive and the execution speed is very fast.”
— Mark Rissel

“It’s one of my favorite program now and I will save time i the future”
— Anders Berglund

ReplSoft UFU is very fast and seems well written”
— Frederich Smith

“I like this product, because ReplSoft UFU save me work”
— Steven Brown